​​VERBAL BEHAVIOUR (VB)-creating chatter that matters

In 1957 a scientist by the name of Skinner proposed that language is a learned behaviour and the principles and processes that cause non- language behaviour (ABA) also explain how language is acquired. It therefore follows that the techniques of ABA can be used to help assist people with language acquisition and development. While verbal behaviour does not ignore the description of language (phonemes, morphemes, lexicon, syntax, grammar, semantics) it also focuses on the functions of verbal behaviour.  With the help of several accomplished researchers, based on 30 years of research and development, Mark Sundberg published ‘ The Verbal Behaviour Milesotones Assessment and Placement Program (VB-MAPP). The VB-MAPP is based on Skinners analysis of verbal behaviour, research from ABA and developmental milestones. It is a criterion referenced assessment tool, curriculum guide and skill tracking system that is used for children with autism and others that have language delays. ASK uses this approach and assessment tool to help children develop language. For more detail go to the ABA/VB home programs page.
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