'We contracted Athene for ABA services for our then 4.5 years old son who is on the ASD spectrum and in hindsight that is one of the best decisions we have made with respect to his condition. Athene is not only well qualified for the job she does, she has many years of experience and also her methods are quite hands on having raised two kids with this challenge in the past. Her adaptability is amazing and she is good at adjusting her schedules and methods to suit with any circumstance. She has a lot of knowledge and experience in using the dietary and biomedical methods of intervention and this has also been useful for our son. In spite of the quality of her services, they are still affordable when compared with those of other ABA consultants. She is someone I will readily recommend anyday.

CE- Ashford

I have known Athene for more than 7 years. She has completed her Masters in Analysis and Intervention in Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities at the Tizard Centre, University of Kent, under my supervision. As both a professional and a mother of two children on the autism spectrum, Athene is highly experienced at working with both families and services who support people with autism. She has knowledge and experience of a range of assessment and intervention measures for working with individuals and their families as well as how to assess and improve service quality. She has completed her training as a trainer in person-centred active support and the NAS SPELL framework, and is currently completing her BCBA. These approaches are critical to supporting children and adults with autism to have a good quality of life, to live in autism friendly environments and to achieve their potential as individuals. As a person, Athene is approachable, friendly, committed and enthusiastic. I feel priviledged to have taught her and to now consider among my friends.

Dr. Julie Beadle-Brown Tizard Centre University of Kent

My name is Tanya and I assigned Athene to help me about two months ago. I have a seven year old daughter with ASD and now possibly a 14 year old one too. Athene has helped me to understand my daughters and train me to transform their behaviour and I am quickly reaping the benefits. It will never be easy but she just makes me rethink everything and I will be continuing to train with her for a long time to come.

Tanya - Maidstone


I’m a Nursery Assistant within a nursery 0-5years. I am currently doing a 12 week course with Athene. She provides 1:1 training giving me knowledge and information about ASD; techniques to use; she provides books to read and DVD’s to take home and watch; links to other people, places and books- basically an all round overview on ASD and it’s therapies. She provides me notes in the session as well as a power point presentation, drawing on examples from her own children and other children she works with as well as relating it back to what I do. Her power points and explanations are precise and easy to understand. She uses a calm tone which helps me to feel at ease understand who and what’s being described. Her sessions are very informative.                   

RA- Tunbridge Wells, England

"Athene has been working with Samuel for 3 months now, and in this short space of time we have seen an enormous change in behaviour.  Previously Samuel showed very little interest in joining in activities or in playing in general.  His speech was very limited and his behaviour - moods - tended to rule our house.    In short, Samuel spend a lot of time shouting for the TV or ipad and ignoring life as it went on around himThrough an intense program working with Samuel he is suddenly a happy, inquisitive little boy.  His shouting has decreased tenfold and in contrast his desire to communicate and to verbalize is wonderful to see.    His compliance has increased and he is able to happily share a story or play with his brother and is showing an interest in toys he has previously stepped over.  Athene is following a very specific set of learning targets, but Samuel has no idea he is 'working'.   As far as he is concerned his new best friend comes to play every afternoon.  Sessions cover eduational, social and personal skills and take place at the kitchen table, in the playroom, in the garden and everywhere in between.  They read stories, do puzzles, work on Samuel's vocabulary and sentence structure and a hundred different activities designed specifically for Samuel's needs and delivered in a fun and physical manner ensured to engage and encourage a child with his difficulties.   Athene is passionate and dedicated to helping Samuel, and our whole family, offering advice, support and friendship. If I were to have any concerns at all about Athene it would be this - she is going to fall out of the tree in our back garden or break her neck on the trampoline.  However, she would still be clutching her flash cards in the ambulance and insist on continuing the session until sedated."

Katie Wilson, mother of Samuel aged 5 diagnosed with ASD- Tunbridge Wells

“When I decided to return to full time education to further my career, I was fortunate enough to gain some extra tuition from Athene who became a mentor as well as a tutor to me.  Her teaching skills are second to none especially as I had to learn new subjects which I struggled with, but with her patience and excellent methods of teaching, I gained the qualifications necessary to further my career.  She motivated me and had complete faith in my learning ability and therefore I would recommend her to any person who may need support, motivation and perhaps learn a different method of teaching which they may not have grasped during their early years in the education system. “

JH- Tunbridge Wells, England

Athene was recommended to me by my cousin who is a speech therapist in December 2014, three months before my son's third birthday. At this point I was very down about his possible autism diagnosis and felt very alone without much hope. From the first time I spoke with Athene I could tell that she was a very knowledgable women but more importantly a mother who could completely understand and empathise with my situation, we talked about our children's quirky ways and I smiled rather than feeling uneasy about what the quirky things meant. Athene drove (over 3 hours) to come and visit us at home to set up our home programme which we have been doing for just over 2 months now, along with a complete change in diet and the introduction of certain supplements etc, the change we have seen in Mason (now just turned 3) is quite amazing. His eye contact is probably the most astounding thing, he stares at me when we are playing chase, he follows my gaze and his eyes have become 'alive'. He has learnt new words, his understanding has improved a great deal. When I went to collect him from nursery the other day he waved and smiled at me, this was truly an amazing moment. Before we started the home programme I felt lost, the progress we have made in the last two months in amazing. I am very hopeful for the future and this is down to Athene. She truly is a very special lady who is always available to help and offer her advice. The home programme is easy to follow and breaks down each area of masons development, our weekly call allows me to stay motivated and go through any challenges and share masons achievements.

Claire H- Derby

I worked with Athene Burdge from 2007 to 2008 as an ABA therapist for her two children Aaron and Daniella who both have Autistic Spectrum Disorder. I was also a live in Aupair for the family so I worked very closely with Athene on a day-to-day basis and got to know her very well. I quickly discovered that she is very passionate about her children and helping them overcome their Autism. I also realized that she is incredibly knowledgeable in the field, and very willing to pass on that knowledge to others. Before starting to work with Athene, I didn’t know much about Autism or ABA therapy and was mostly trained on the job by her. I feel very lucky that I was able to learn from her, as she was very patient in helping me understand the theory and concepts about Autism, as well as skilled in demonstrating how to apply these concepts in therapy. As a result of being trained by Athene, I was able to use my skills and knowledge to successfully work with other families and children with Autism. As well as being an excellent trainer, she is also a very kind person and cares very deeply about others, which I believe enables her to be so successful in what she does. Whilst working with her, I was also always impressed at how she managed to balance so well being a caring mother and looking after her two children, as well as being available and supportive as a trainer and study a Masters degree.Through Athene I was able to learn valuable skills in working with children with a serious disability, skills which I still use now in my work as a Clinical Psychologist, and so I will always be grateful to her.

Pascale Pougne-, Sydney, Australia​

Our son, Danny is 3 years old and suffers from Autism and Auditory Processing Disorder.  We decided ABA was the best way to go to help Danny over come and beat his challenges and found an ABA Teacher local to us to help train us. It was clear after two very expensive visits this Consultant was quite obviously not great, so we contacted Athene and that's when things really got moving in the right direction. Athene lives a long way from us but very kindly offered to make the long trip to visit us in our home here in Bristol (3 hours from her own home). The amount of preparation Athene brought was extremely encouraging and her knowledge second to none and she put us at ease straight away. Now we are trained and confident ABA Tutors ourselves - although to make sure we are always doing our best we seek advice and weekly target updates, we hold a weekly hour-long Skype meeting with Athene which has proven invaluable! Danny is very much on the road to recovery and will overcome all challenges he currently faces with a lot of hard work from us and excellent direction from Athene. I would strongly recommend Athene to anyone whose child has similar conditions to overcome.                                

SD - Bristol

I am a single parent working mother with a 7 year old daughter.My daughter has been assessed but has no specific learning difficulties or behavioural problems, however I have struggled to 'cope' with her intensity and demands. I therefore signed up for a parenting course via my daughter's primary school, on the advice of our special needs officer. It was here that I met Athene in her teaching/training role. Athene was a breath of fresh air with her enthusiasm and teaching skills. I really looked forward to attending the weekly sessions. Athene used her own life experiences as a mother to relate well to many of the situations and case studies. She was always caring, sensitive and professional. The sessions allowed everyone to become involved with practical, hands-on guidance. I learnt many techniques and tips to help improve my parenting skills. So at the end of every session I always went away feeling like I had gained something. I would recommend Athene to any parent who is experiencing any issues with their children.

CH- Pembury, England

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