The focus is on the child and the family, putting them at the centre of all training or interventions.

ABA home program
Home Programmes

A unique blend of approaches and therapies are taught to parents so that they can take control of their child’s learning and development. This is integrated into their daily routines, minimising effort and increasing efficiency, so that their child’s progress is fast tracked and less money is spent in the long term.

Parent and professional traini

Any staff or personnel working with the child or family can be trained in approaches that are related to Autism, as well as any specific therapies that a particular family may be using.

Multidisciplinary working in teams around a child/ family
Team Consultancy

Often there will be a number of different professionals, services and agencies working as a team around the family. Work is done with the team on the parent’s behalf to ensure the allocation of an appropriate Lead Professional or Key Worker, and to ensure there is efficient multidisciplinary working.

Workshops for teachers & parents

General workshops covering key concepts involved in learning, behaviour management and stimulation of the brain are delivered to parents of children of all ages and abilities. Specific CPD inset training is designed for schools to help attain an outstanding rating in the five judgement areas according to the Ofsted  framework introduced in 2012.

Person centred active support
Person Centred Active Support Training

The aims of Active Support are to enable people to:

  • Participate in meaningful activities and relationships

  • Have more control over their lives

  • Gain more independence

  • Become more included as a valued member of their community

regardless of the degree of intellectual disability or the presence of challenging behaviour. Athene is a Tizard Associate and PCAS workshops facilitated by Athene can be booked via the Tizard website ( 

SPELL framewor
SPELL Workshops

SPELL is a framework developed to help understand Autism and is very effective when used in conjunction with interventions that address ASD's underlying issues. The acronym SPELL describes the approaches used:- Structure; Positive (approaches and expectations); Empathy; Low arousal; Links. This approach used in conjunction with other therapies supports functional communication and skill building.

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