I'mAs our bodies receive information through our senses, this is processed in the brain and neural pathways are formed. Learning has taken place. Behaviour is as a result of the learning process, whether we are talking about actions such as sleeping or talking- these are all classified as behaviour- anything our bodies do. Anything affecting the input through the senses (sensory neurones), the processing and neural formation, or the output (motor neurones) will have an impact on the learning process and therefore shape our behaviour. It makes sense then to take note of things such as health, education, the environment and other people when we wish to bring about the learning of new skills or behavioural change. 


Positive Behaviour Support (PBS) is an approach used by Autism Solutions Kent that takes into account all the above factors. Bambara et al, 2004 defines PBS as:

'PBS is characterised by educational, proactive and respectful interventions that involve teaching alternative skills to problem behaviours and changing problematic environments. It blends best practices in behavioural technology, educational methods and ecological systems change with person centred values in order to achieve outcomes that are meaningful to the individual and his or her family.'


Some of the educational interventions used by ASK include:

  • Applied Behaviour Analysis

  • Pivotal response Training

  • Verbal Behaviour

  • Social Skills Development

Interventions used by ASK that involve ecological systems change include:


  • Person Centred Active Support

  • Biomedical Interventions

ASK recognises the importance of a multidisciplinary approach and likes to work with other professionals wherever possible, refering and signposting if necessary.



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