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Day Two

SOCIAL SKILLS are often impaired in children who have developmental delays or autism. This can be one of the hardest skill areas to teach, but given the right assessment tools and teaching methods it is indeed possible. The results can be very rewarding as we watch these children make friends and interact with people around them, bringing so much joy and meaning to their lives. Come and hear how you can help these children.

ATTENTION and COMPLIANCE are crucial skills if you want to teach a child or even communicate with them. Parents and teachers who have to spend copious amounts of time trying to get a child to attend, or comply with instructions, are waisting precious developmental time. Both these skills can be trained regardless of age of ability. Come and learn how to train these pre-requisite foundational skills and experience the joy of being able to maximise learning  during the time you are with the children.

TOLERANCE enables a child to cope with certain environmental stimuli. It is not uncommon for children with developmental delays or autism to struggle to cope with things like having their hair washed or cut, going to school or going to the shops. Some have strange phobias like extreme fear of certain animals or insects, or washing machines etc. It is hard for a child to be happy or to learn if they are plagued with fears. Come and hear how we can deal with these intolerances or phobias in a kind and gentle way.

VERBAL BEHAVIOUR and communication enable us to get our needs met and to avoid unpleasant things in life. When a person's ability to talk, or to clearly and appropriately communicates is impaired, it can have far reaching repercussions. Come and learn about the different areas of Verbal Behaviour, some excellent assessment tools that also guide a curriculum for someone with communication difficulties, and how to to teach these skills.

ACADEMIC SKILLS and classroom participation skills are important if you want your child to go to school. While many children with autism and developmental delays have exceptional visual perceptual skills and like letters and numbers, it is still important to know how to further develop these skills. By using things that are motivating to the child it is possible to teach them to read and write and do maths calculations. It is also possible for them to learn how to participate in a classroom alongside their peers. Let me show you how.

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